How Do Medications Affect My Oral Health?

Pills in a bottle | How Do Medications Affect My Oral Health?

Did you know that some medications can negatively impact your oral health? We, at High Street Dentistry, are committed to working with you to manage or treat any possible side effects of your medications. With quality preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry procedures, you’ll be sure to enjoy a healthy, bright smile for years to come. 

Common Side Effects of Medications

Some drugs can cause dry mouth, a condition known as Xerostomia. Without enough saliva, the tissues in your mouth can become irritated and inflamed, increasing your risk for infection, tooth decay, and gum disease. You can relieve some symptoms of dry mouth by drinking plenty of water, chewing sugarless gum with Xylitol, or using saliva substitutes. 

Different medications can cause fungal infections, mouth sores, ulcers, soft tissue discoloration, enlarged gum tissue, or abnormal bleeding. Some other drugs can alter your sense of taste making food taste different, or they can cause a metallic, salty, or bitter taste in your mouth. Medicines with sweeteners may also cause tooth decay.

Managing Oral Conditions Caused by Medications

Your professional treatment will depend on the particular medication or drug and its effects on your teeth and gums. We encourage you to make sure we have your most recent medical history, including any prescription or over the counter medicines that you use, as well as any vitamins, herbal medications, or supplements.  This will allow us to personalize your treatments, ensuring you enjoy the best possible outcomes.

If a specific drug is causing oral health problems, we may suggest that you talk to your doctor about possible alternatives. If changing your medication is not possible, we may recommend professional and at-home treatments that can help protect your teeth.

Make sure to maintain meticulous oral hygiene practices and consider planning more frequent visits to your trusted dentist at High Street Dentistry to help manage any oral problems resulting from the use of your medications, and to allow us to treat any condition as it arises.

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