Dentures in Cedar City, MO

At High Street Dentistry, we understand the impact of missing teeth on your smile, oral health, and self-confidence. Dentures are an excellent option if you're looking for a reliable solution to restore your missing teeth. Led by Dr. Michael Jones, our experienced team is dedicated to providing comprehensive denture services for Cedar City, MO patients. We offer a range of denture options to meet your unique needs, allowing you to regain the functionality and aesthetics of a complete smile.

What Are Dentures, And How Do They Help Restore Missing Teeth

Dentures are removable dental appliances that replace missing teeth and surrounding tissues. Dr. Michael Jones at High Street Dentistry provides high-quality dentures that help restore your smile, improve facial structure, and enhance your eating and speaking abilities.

Different Types of Dentures Available in Cedar City, MO

High Street Dentistry offers various denture options to suit your needs best:

  • Complete Dentures: For those missing all teeth.
  • Partial Dentures: Ideal when some natural teeth remain.
  • Overdentures: Fit over a small number of remaining teeth or implants.
  • Immediate Dentures: Designed for immediate use after tooth extraction.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Removable Dentures Versus Implant-Supported Dentures

Removable dentures are cost-effective and require less invasive procedures. However, they may require more maintenance and can shift in the mouth. Implant-supported dentures, while costlier, provide a more natural feel, improved stability, and better chewing efficiency.

What Is the Process of Getting Dentures in Cedar City, MO?

Getting dentures typically involves several steps:

  1. Initial Consultation: During the consultation, Dr. Michael Jones will assess your oral health, evaluate your specific needs, and discuss suitable denture options.
  2. Impressions and Measurements: Precise impressions and measurements of your mouth will be taken to ensure the dentures fit comfortably and securely.
  3. Denture Fabrication: Your custom dentures will be fabricated in a dental laboratory using high-quality materials that closely match your natural teeth' color, shape, and size.
  4. Fitting and Adjustments: You will return for a fitting appointment once the dentures are ready. Dr. Michael Jones will ensure proper fit, make any necessary adjustments, and provide instructions on how to care for your new dentures.

Can Dentures Be Repaired or Adjusted If They Become Loose or Damaged?

Yes, We can repair or adjust dentures if they become loose or damaged. Regular check-ups ensure your dentures maintain a perfect fit and excellent condition.

How Long Do Dentures Typically Last?

With proper care, dentures typically last between five and seven years. However, regular dental visits will ensure the longevity and comfort of your dentures.

How To Maintain Dentures?

Maintain your dentures by cleaning them daily with a denture cleaner and soaking them overnight. Avoid hot water to prevent warping, and handle them carefully to avoid breakage.

How Much Do Dentures Cost in Cedar City, MO?

The cost of dentures can vary depending on several factors, including the type of dentures, any necessary extractions or preparations, and the materials used. During your dentures consultation at High Street Dentistry, we will discuss the recommended treatment plan, associated costs, and available payment options. 

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