Why Would I Need Antibiotics Before a Dental Appointment?

Medication and My Oral Health

At High Street Dentistry, your health and wellbeing are always our top priorities. That’s why we sometimes recommend antibiotics before dental appointments, a practice we call antibiotic prophylaxis. Our team will work alongside your physicians to determine whether you are a candidate for antibiotics before your upcoming dental treatment.

Antibiotics – Only When Necessary

Antibiotics are considered one of the most significant medical breakthroughs of the 20th century. Bacterial infections that were once thought fatal have now become treatable and even preventable. However, bacteria are beginning to adapt and build resistance to antibiotics, so we only prescribe them when absolutely necessary.

Why Would You Need Antibiotics Before a Dental Appointment?

Oral bacteria may occasionally enter the bloodstream during dental treatment, which is not problematic or cause for concern in most cases. However, some patients are at risk of an infection of the heart lining or valves, a condition known as infective endocarditis (IE). If that’s the case, we may recommend antibiotics before treatment. Moreover, patients with a history of complications associated with joint replacement surgery may also receive antibiotics before dental treatment after consultation with their orthopedic surgeon.

What Other Reasons Require Antibiotics Before Dental Treatment?

At Hight Street Dentistry, we may recommend antibiotics before dental visits for patients with compromised immune systems to minimize their risk of infection. We may also prescribe antibiotics for patients with acute or chronic oral infections, especially when accompanied by swelling or fever.

Severe infections of the mouth put the neighboring areas, such as the brain, at risk. Using antibiotics before dental treatment will contain the infection and safeguard your health. Moreover, having an infection can interfere with dental anesthesia making it challenging to numb a tooth. Using antibiotics to control the infection will allow the anesthetics to be effective for comfortable treatment.

Medication and My Oral Health – Can Antibiotics Treat Tooth Infections?

Antibiotics are recommended before dental treatment to control existing infections and prevent new, potentially serious ones from developing. They often provide temporary pain and symptom relief, but they cannot heal teeth with damage that’s reached the inner pulp. Although it may appear like the tooth is improving, the source of infection remains and will continue to cause problems. Treatments, such as root canal therapy, may be our only option to eliminate the infection, restoring the affected tooth’s form and function.

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